UNSK Token Basics

UNSK is a  hyper-deflationary utility token on the Stellar network

max supply - 60,000,000 UNSK


$0.01 will buy you thousands of Stellar transactions.
UNSK Features:

"Unsinkable" money*-back guarantee

"Unsinkable" ICO low price guarantee

"Quotation marks" are necessary because the UNSK SSC is still a work in progress.

The Unsinkable money*-back guarantee means ICO investors can always get their XLM investment back,

unless they HODL or the buyback funds are stolen.


Please take note, the USD value of XLM is highly volatile.

There was no private sale or pre-sale of UNSK.

UNSK ICO distribution - 50/50 - Investors/Company

Issuer can only sell company tokens above ICO price, and only if

ICO price is deposited into the buyback account,

maintaining "Unsinkability"

The only UNSK that will ever be available below ICO price is the 1,200,000 UNSK (2%) reserved for pre-ICO airdrops.

Before airdrop, sufficient buyback funds will be added to maintain Unsinkability.

Current information for trading and ICO distribution can be viewed at


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This is an educational resource. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

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