The Unsinkable Token (UNSK) ICO Details

The math and details of this ICO are in the process of being peer reviewed. They are subject to change until white paper version 1.0 is released. The Unsinkable Project is still in alpha phase and undergoing peer review.

There may be mistakes.

Much of the UNSK Stellar Smart Contract (SSC) functionality is a work in progress. Currently no tokens are immutably locked. These are the planned requirements for manual token release and future SSC implementation.

Please read the white paper in its entirety before investing.

We are often available for any questions via either

Unsinkable Telegram Chat

Unsinkable Slack

In order to remain "Unsinkable," no crowdsourced funds can be used for development unless the UNSK token holder immutably price-locks their tokens in the HODL Wallet until a market price over .05UNSK/XLM (150% ICO price) is reached.

PICOUNSK (Pre-ICO UNSK) is not Unsinkable. No buyback is offered. All funds raised in the pre-ICO will go towards development. Currently sold out but may reopen depending on UNSK HODL participation.


UNSK Token Details

Token name: UNSK (Alphanumeric 4)

Pre-ICO dates: 6/15/18-11/29/18 - current hardcap reached

ICO dates: 6/18/18 - softcap + 14 days or hardcap

Max supply: 60,000,000 UNSK

ICO Token Price: .0333333 XLM (1XLM = 30.00003UNSK)

Network: Stellar Lumens (XLM)


Accepted investments: XLM

"Unsinkable" money*-back and ICO low-price guarantee

Buyback Price: 99% - .03303 XLM - 1XLM = 30.2756UNSK

No pre-sale, no private sales, no minimums, no bonuses for large investors

Pre-ICO bonus: 100% - half locked until 3 months after ICO end date and 2x ICO price, half locked until 6 months after ICO end date with .04XLM/UNSK minimum or 4x ICO price - no buyback available - limited to 2% total tokens

Team tokens locked until 1 year after ICO with minimum .05XLM/UNSK market price for unlock

Soft Cap: $30,000 available funds - Estimated ~ 9,000,00 UNSK = 300,000 XLM (~$90,000)

Hard Cap: 30,000,000 UNSK = 1,000,000 XLM (~$300,000)


Token Distribution – max total supply – 60,000,000 UNSK - 50/50 - 30,000,000 ICO - 30,000,000 Company

48% - ICO Investors – max 28,800,000 UNSK

2% - Pre-ICO – locked for 3 months or 2x price – max 1,200,000 UNSK

10% - Team - locked until 1 year after ICO end – max 6,000,000 UNSK

10% - Operations – max 6,000,000 UNSK

30% - Bank – unlocking quarterly – 1/3 3 months after ICO end, the second 1/3 6 months after ICO, final 1/3 9 months after ICO end – max 18,000,000 UNSK



PICOUNSK (Pre-ICO UNSK) Token Details

Token name: PICOUNSK (Alphanumeric 12)

ICO dates: 6/15/18-11/29/18 (current hardcap reached)

Max supply: 600,000 – 100% ICO investors

ICO Token Price: .0333333 XLM

Network: Stellar Lumens (XLM)


Accepted investments: XLM

No buyback, no planned development, snapshot dates will be announced at least 1 week in advance

Hard Cap: 20,000 XLM (~$6,500)

The best way to support The Unsinkable Project in the alpha stage is to participate in the UNSK ICO and to HODL once available. Please limit your investment to an amount you can afford to lose. Devs cannot use crowdsourced funds for development unless UNSK holders pricelock HODL until at least .05XLM/UNSK.


The PICOUNSK ICO (UNSK Pre-ICO) is currently sold out!

The UNSK ICO is live now!


The distribution can be viewed at

XLM wallets require a minimum balance of .5XLM to show up on the blockchain.

If you need to create an XLM wallet you can generate the keypair at

and fund the wallet with a Binance withdrawal. Most exchanges should work, they utilize the “create wallet” operation. You should verify with a withdrawal of 2 XLM.

The information necessary to participate in the ICO is contained on this website and in the white paper.

I intentionally have not created step-by-step instructions for investing.

I strongly recommend you read the white paper in its entirety before participating in the UNSK ICO.

A savvy ICO investor can easily figure out how to participate using public tutorials and the Stellar Laboratory.

Participating consists of a trust operation and manage offer operation.

I will manually update the buyback offer daily.

A testnet ICO with automatic buyback offering and HODL is available in the HODL Wallet Alpha

If the white paper is beyond your understanding, please do not invest.

I suggest you learn more about crypto and/or wait for the Project X ICO.

Please do not invest more than 50,000 XLM (1.5M UNSK ~ 5% ICO supply). If I knew a way to enforce a maximum investment I would. Currently not all tokens are available for sale to prevent a single investor buying up the entire supply. I will free up more tokens for sale daily as needed by demand.

To contribute, simply trade your XLM for PICOUNSK or UNSK on the SDEx.

Participation links:

Stellar Laboratory



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This is an educational resource. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

Investing in cryptocurrency is extremely risky. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.