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UNSK Public Launch Rationale

Thank you for your interest. I hope you will take the time to read my white paper and provide constructive criticism.

Unsinkable Chat

I want to see The Unsinkable ICO Standard adopted across the entire crypto industry. In order to encourage this, The Unsinkable Project is dedicated to crypto education and training the public on how to launch an Unsinkable IBiPDAICO. Now that the white paper is released to the public, any other ICO project is freely able to use my methodology. Since I will be open-sourcing my economic models and XLM “smart contract” development, the only way for UNSK and Project X to have competitive advantage are to be the first to market Unsinkable ICOs. The only compensation I will receive for freely releasing my ideas will come from the success of UNSK and Project X. For these reasons, I felt it necessary to release the white paper and assets simultaneously to consultants and the public.

The math and concepts of this project have not been reviewed by anyone familiar with the crypto industry, ICOs, or trading - only my close friends. Please help me fix this.

There are likely mistakes.

I would have preferred to have my paper peer reviewed before creating the assets but releasing my white paper to an ICO consultant carries significant risk for me. I will be giving my model to people with more access, knowledge, and experience in launching successful ICOs and they could easily use the model for their own projects. I am currently seeking legal and XLM smart contract dev consulting.

I was planning on launching the website, pre-ICO and ICO simultaneously on Monday 6-18-18 but I decided to start the pre-ICO earlier so I can invest $100 in the pre-ICO to create some company funds for web hosting and initial UNSK buyback. I still had to use another $100 of my own money for the website builder as I do not yet have a reliable crypto debit card. The only public announcement about the pre-ICO was on twitter, with no hashtags. On Monday, I will be tweeting with tags and posting a release statement on Reddit.

For now, I have made 525,000 PICOUNSK available to the public. That's about $5,000 worth of XLM. If there is overwhelming support over the weekend I will make the rest of PICOUNSK available on Monday when the ICO begins. Otherwise, I will free up more tokens for sale daily, starting Monday, as the ICO continues. I intend to be available on Telegram as often as possible starting Monday.

The best way to support The Unsinkable Project at this extremely early alpha stage is to participate in the PICOUNSK ICO. Please limit your investment to an amount you can afford to lose. PICOUNSK is not Unsinkable nor is it an IBiPDAICO.

No buyback is offered.

It will have no utility, purpose, or development after the snapshots for the UNSK airdrops. Price will be decided by the market but would logically trade for double UNSK price until the first snapshot and equal to UNSK price until the second snapshot. And nothing after that unless someone develops a utility platform using it. No exchange listings beyond the Stellar decentralized exchange will be sought for PICOUNSK but it will always be trade-able via the Stellar Laboratory.

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This is an educational resource. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

Investing in cryptocurrency is extremely risky. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.