• unsinkamoto

ICO Updates - Week 7

Exciting week ahead!

I plan on posting about entry to the Stellar Build Challenge today, and officially submitting this week.

Abed and I have been working hard on getting everything ready. We have an alpha testnet version of the HODL Wallet ready to upload to

I am uploading the first explanatory video for The Unsinkable Project, very happy with how it looks! My animator is working on more.

I am planning on making the vested team UNSK unlock requirements more stringent. In order to unlock, I think it would be appropriate for half the team UNSK to require at least 150% ICO price and the other half require 201% ICO price in addition to the 1 year after ICO end vesting period. This would theoretically allow for any team members to be compensated at .05XLM/UNSK and Unsinkamoto's half waiting until after pre-ICO bonuses to unlock.

Still checking the distribution account to update buyback, still no investors. I hope this will change soon with the SBC announcement.

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