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ICO Updates - Week 3

I intend to enter The Unsinkable Project as a "collective" to the current Stellar build challenge. It will include: - A Cryptocurrency Education Resource

UNSK Token

HODL Wallet

Planned Stellar Dev Freelancer Marketplace (UNSK Utility Platform)

Planned Project X Token (PXT)

Planned Project X Utility Platform

My goal is to have the UNSK SSC crowdfunding contract deployed and minimum HODL wallet SSC funtionality by 7/25.

I spent most of last week trying to hire an SSC dev. I have made significant progress and have a rough plan to move forward this week with an experienced dev named Abed.

I have added the option to be paid in $1,000 worth of crypto (XLM, BTC, or TrueUSD) upon completion and verification of deliverables for complete UNSK SSC dev.

I have also been working hard on the Project X white paper. It will be included to the judges for consideration, but not released to the public yet.

I am considering lowering the UNSK softcap to $100,000.

As promised, I have been checking the distribution account daily to see if the buyback offer needs updating. It still hasn't. No one else has invested in PICOUNSK, either.

For the sake of transparency, I have decided to start a transaction log to explain every transaction made by company accounts.


6-15 Unsinkamoto invests in PICOUNSK

6-15 XLM sent to Binance, traded for BTC, used for domain hosting

In retrospect, I should have done this on Stellar. I need to find or start a trustworthy anchor for BTC and TrueUSD.

6-17 some one gave us a fractional amount of XLM, likely a marketing tactic

6-26 Moved 105,000,000 UNSK to what will become the company escrow account

6-26 some one gave us a fractional amount of XLM, likely a marketing tactic

6-29 Moved 4,200,000 UNSK to what will become the pre-ICO airdrop escrow account

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This is an educational resource. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

Investing in cryptocurrency is extremely risky. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.