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ICO Caps Update

Caps are being cut by 75%.

Originally, I had expected some PICOUNSK investment by now. The tokenomics work best with a 50x funding ratio, the smallest amount of PICOUNSK possible, and thus the smallest market cap for UNSK.

Once pricelock HODL is ready (soon), PICOUNSK becomes more of a problem than a solution. Hardcap has been changed to:

PICOUNSK hardcap

  • 20,000 XLM = 600,000 PICOUNSK

It may be capped at even less than that if that has not been reached when pricelock HODL hits mainnet. Ideally, this will provide some urgency to investment. I am also considering incentive structure for UNSK to encourage early adopters.

I think the original caps were excessively ambitious. I was hoping to already have raised some usable funds through PICOUNSK, but every PICOUNSK sold increases the soft and hard caps for UNSK. “Company” token sale profitability is dependent on price increase after ICO. If the ICO market cap is reduced, the increase in token price for the same market cap increase gets bigger. Once pricelock HODL is ready, PICOUNSK sales will likely be capped.

The caps are currently:

UNSK Softcap

  1. 125,000 XLM available funds (PICOUNSK + UNSK HODLers)

  2. 15x - 50x UNSK/PICOUNSK funding

UNSK Hardcap

  1. 50x PICOUNSK hardcap - (1,000,000 XLM)

If PICOUNSK funding is capped at 20,000 XLM (~$5,000, ¼ of the original), then UNSK softcap (15x) becomes 300,000 XLM (~$75,000) and hardcap (50x) becomes 1,000,000 XLM (~$250,000).

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This is an educational resource. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

Investing in cryptocurrency is extremely risky. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.