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WIP - Stellar Smart Contract

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Updated: 7/20/18

Abed is currently working on the UNSK SSC. We have an encrypted server setup and the HODL Wallet UI on testnet is almost ready for an alpha release.

I am seeking a Stellar Smart Contract (SSC) developer to help build an immutable crowdfunding contract and additional functionality for The Unsinkable Token (UNSK).

This person should understand the white paper, be supportive of The Unsinkable Project, and be confident in the financial future of UNSK. Ideally, this dev would like to be paid primarily or completely in locked UNSK team tokens.

I am offering up to $5,000 in assets for complete UNSK SSC functionality (XLM, BTC, or TrueUSD). Currently I can only afford $1,000 worth (~5,000 XLM) of minimum functionality, the rest will come from pre-ICO investors.


I am prepared to offer up to 5% of the team token allocation (a max of 1,050,000 UNSK – ICO price 35,000XLM) for minimum functionality and up to 10% of the team token allocation (a max of 2,100,000 UNSK – ICO price 70,000 XLM) for complete functionality. These tokens will be locked until 1 year after UNSK ICO end date and have a minimum UNSK market price for unlock so may never become available.

In addition, I am offering up to 40% of XLM raised in pre-ICO (a max of 28,000XLM).

How he/she wants to be compensated is up to the dev. The first one to submit a working deliverable gets first choice of payment type for that functionality.

Minimum SSC functions include automated token buyback, immutable crowdfunding token distribution, and basic HODL Wallet functionality.

The goal is to have basic SSC functionality implemented by 7/25. This should allow adequate time to prepare submission for the Stellar build challenge by 8/1. Complete functionality will likely be a work in progress for awhile but it does not seem unreasonable to try to have most of it implemented by October.

The best way to contact me is via Telegram

I am also available at

Full Project Details are available at

Update - 6/27

I realized that I need to limit the negative effects of the worst case scenario - that token price does not appreciate after ICO.

For this reason I have decided that no company tokens or initially locked tokens, including team allocation, can be added to circulating supply if market price is under 120% ICO price.

Market price 20% above ICO price would mean that covering buyback unlocks requires selling 5x as many company tokens as buybacks we need to cover.

This means that team allocation tokens may never unlock. I personally think this is an unlikely scenario, but it is possible.

I am sure none of you want to work for free so in addition to UNSK team allocation I can offer up to 40% of XLM raised in the pre-ICO. This is a maximum of 28,000 XLM. This payment promise can be incorporated into the crowdfunding contract.

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